Floating Cropped Poster

Mittwoch 21.06.2023   20:00

reConvert  / Once I saw someone floating

Andreas Eduardo Frank in collaboration with reConvert


Roberto Maqueda
Mikolaj Rytowski


once I saw somebody floating
3 performers, simple shaped floating Objects, WooferChassis, Lasers & Electronics

Simply shaped objects are mystically hovering on stage played -or rather ominously excited- by the performers. The room transcends through the constantly evolving resonances that these objects emit. The perception of these objects changes, revealing their true nature. They become a vehicle for curious minds. Counterpointed by lasers, the complexity and richness of sound are given visual access, creating a fascinating interplay between intense performative sonic and visual events. The experience becomes almost physical, something real, like an audio-visual vessel of resonance. Trembling, complex, yet simple, are some words that could describe the constant and colourful evolution of textures. Trying to create a levitating experience, the 3 performers open the door to a deep listening experience. An ambitious and fascinating sonic journey.

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