buchanan + svosve zera


Mittwoch 25.09.2024

Release Party: Steve Buchanan + Tapiwa Svosve - Zera

Record Release Party 

Steve Buchanan, Saxophon, Samplers
Tapiwa Svosve, Saxophon, Computer

+featuring: two compositions for wind ensemble

Steve Buchanan and Tapiwa Svosve have been working together since 2020 and released their first joint record as a duo in 2022 under the name ZERA, which essentially plays with de-constructered elements from jazz traditions, multi-genre club culture, and harsh noize factors. Now they are presenting the first live release of this work in the Walcheturm, as well as the premiere of two of their electro- acoustic compositions for large woodwind ensemble.
Bild: Giulia Spek