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ABGESAGT !!!!!! 70FPS / Abstral Compost / Infected Burst

Live from Napoli


Abstral Compost (Poésie sonore, Rap)

Infected Burst

70FPS / Abstral Compost / Infected Burst

70FPS is the expanded live cinema project by Andrea Saggiomo. It consists of a super8 film screening in which the light of the projector - as filtered by the super8 film - and the projector itself are used and manipulated (changing speed, intensity of light etc.) to produce sounds by means of some self-made photosensitive  electroacoustic circuits.  Since 2010 70FPS produced 4 different film performances and collaborated with musicians and film-makers from all over the world (including Seppo Renvall, Riojim, Gaelle Rouard , Andy Guhl, Cogne et Foutre, Botborg, Aspec(t) and many others). His last film is titled "ANCORA NO!" (Still No, Not yet)  and it consists of a super8 film on which insects and leaves together with other film clippings are printed by hand (with the rayogram technique). Thus the film does not present a linear continuity of frames; it's a collage of images and footprints. When projected (at variable speed) these images come to life, they enter in relation to each other, they produce noise entering 70FPS expanded optical sound mechanism: that inert strip of images becomes a movie in the eye of the one who looks at the screen when he looks. There is no movie before someone projects it and someone else looks at it and listens to it.

Preview of the film

other videos:

But you are
But you are

Audio Excerpt

Website 70FPS


AbSTRAL compost (Poésie sonore, Rap)
Performance-scansion through various shapes and objects, without electrical socket. Unfinished preliminary studies on the body, sound and their multiple overlapses. Wanting to carry the voice, no artifacts and no crutches, louder, farther, everywhere else. Sound poet, hacker, as at home on the stage of contemporary poetry as in more underground formations, ranging from metal to rap.

He started in Lausanne with Labrats in middle 2000, a project of noiserap composed by six persons rappers and musicians, around 2009 he collaborated and tour with australian MC Volk Makedonski(Curse of Dialect, Beta Erko with A.Pateras & R.Fox) one of the most interesting voice experimenter into the global rap scene; in Lausanne instead he started a collaboration with musicians coming from radical improv scene D'Incise & C.Bondi, founding the trio KArst and releasing different albums  for the label Insubordination Records. Actually he relased a solo album of his voice experimentations recorded/documented since the 2005.

Juggling with words and drawing in a socially marked unlexic, he collects the listener with his complex phrasing. Given a large place for improvisation, he appropriates the French language, making use of standard language. AbSTRAL compost defends a living writing, a noisy approach playing discordances between sense and sound. Performances of impulsive texts, encounter of letters and alphabets, without gum or other substi-tue, paradox of the post-writing and pronounced irrepressible, fragile, burstable, retractable.

poèmes sonores

Abstral compost feat. La Moet
Abstral compost - Freestyle
Abstral compost - Vendredi 13


It's a free music trio composed by Tom De Testa and Emilio Bernè (both of them in the duo BURST) and Mario Gabola(A Spirale, Aspec(t), Genital Warts). Burst is composed by Tom on weird electronic playing and sampling and Emilio on hypercinetic experimental drum; Mario insted reserach on electronic feedback and feedback sax.

The trio combine a very straight attitude for hip-hop rap song and radical noise improvisation. As single musician they collaborate with musicians and performers coming from all over the wrold since the early 2000, with a very non orthodx attitude in expermental music, they released several albums (Monotype, DieSchachtel, Fratto9underthesky, FFHHH, Dokuro, Setola di Maiale, Gruen Recorder, Insubordination, Ikuisuus, ZeroMoon).

They collaborate in different way at brodcasting radioshow "Arsider" on the counter culture Torino radio called RadioBlackout. As Infected Burst is going to coming out an omonimus new album with feat. by Napo(Uochi Tochi) and M.Oscura and Makumbo(Radon Squad) and others.

Preview of the album 

Emilio Bernè
Burst live
Mario Gabola live


Bild: © Ludovica Galeazzi