Freitag 27.03.2020   20:00

ABGESAGT!! neuverBand - Carte Blanche Marcus Weiss

Marcus Weiss, Saxofon
Mike Svoboda, Dirigent

Ensemble neuverBand
Anja Clift, Flöte
Valentina Štrucelj, Klarinette
Stefanie Mirwald, Akkordeon
Lukas Rickli, Klavier
Mirka Šćepanović, Violine
Anne-Laure Dottrens, Viola
Ellen Fallowfield, Violoncello
Pierre Dekker, Kontrabass
Victor Barcelo, Schlagzeug
Kevin Austin, Posaune
Jens Bracher, Trompete

Franco Donatoni - Hot (1989)
für Saxofon solo, Klarinette, Trompete, Posaune, Perkussion, Piano & Kontrabass

Franco Donatoni - Ave (1987)
für Piccolo, Glockenspiel & Celesta

Tobias Krebs - Sedimentation of Memory (2019), UA
für Saxofon, Flöte, Akkordeon, Violine, Viola & Cello

Gérard Pesson - Blanc Merité (2017), CH Erstaufführung
für Saxofon solo, Flöte, Klarinette, Trompete, Akkordeon, Violine, Viola & Cello

Gérard Pesson - Fureur contre informe (pour un tombeau d'Anatole) (1998)
für Streichtrio

Eintritt: CHF 20.- / 10.- 

Arguably, the saxophone benefits from the nebulous nature of its role as a chamber music instrument. From a traditional orchestration point of view, it occupies a space in between woodwind and brass; but taking into account the vast palette of sounds and sonic textures which we now know that the instrument is capable of producing, it is something of a wandering soul within the context of contemporary works for chamber ensemble, fusing just as readily with percussion, piano, or plucked strings as it does with clarinet or horn, as well as exerting its own, entirely distinct identity. The breadth of the sonic potential of the saxophone is greatly indebted to Marcus Weiss. As a researcher, he has overseen the (re)invention of the instrument as a powerful force in contemporary music repertoire; his book, Die Spieltechnik des Saxophons, is the reference for anyone who wishes to gain a comprehensive understanding of the saxophone’s true expressive potential; as a pedagogue, he has made Basel something of a Mecca for saxophone, attracting the most talented young performers of the instrument from around the world. Finally, as a performer, he has collaborated with dozens of composers and premiered countless works, thereby vastly expanding the corpus of repertoire for the instrument. 

Springing from a long-standing mutual wish to undertake a collaborative project, neuverBand invites Marcus Weiss not only to join the ensemble as a soloist, but also to curate a concert programme. Mr Weiss has therefore proposed a programme focusing on works by three composers, each representing a distinct style and belonging to a different generation: the young Swiss composer, Tobias Krebs (*1993), French composer Gerard Pesson (*1958), with whom Mr Weiss has already collaborated on numerous occasions, and finally, Italian composer, Franco Donatoni (1927–2000). The programme will notably see the world premiere of a newly-composer work by Krebs for solo saxophone and chamber ensemble, the Swiss premiere of Pesson’s 2017 work, Blanc Merité, and a rare performance of Donatoni’s majestic new music/jazz fusion work, Hot. (Paul Clift, neuerBand, Artistic Director)

Bild: Leander Rumo