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Montag 14.12.2020   19:00

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Shifter Ensemble
Francesco Palmieri, e-guitar
Giuseppe Mennuti, e-guitar
Ruben Mattia Santorsa, e-guitar
Pietro Paolo Dinapoli, e-guitar

Ramon Bischoff, sound engineer

Tobias Krebs (*1993) - Grat (2020, UA)
Joan Gómez Alemany (*1990) - Una Tierra Fragmentada (2020, UA)
Luz González (*1989) - Mirrors (2020, UA)
Fabrizio Di Salvo (*1981) - Skrrrrt (2020, UA)
Arturo Corrales (*1973) - Djent Preghiera (2020, UA)

Eintritt: Kollekte

Shifter Ensemble is a Bern-based Ensemble founded in 2019 and made up of four Italian electric guitarists operating in Europe and specialized in contemporary music. With their first project “404 – page not found”, Shifter is going to present an entirely new repertoire, result of a close collaboration with the composers. Their personal and deeply heterogeneous artistic directions and the musical research carried out together with the members of the ensemble, created a multifaced concert. A combination of divergent expressive languages, idiomatic and non- vocabularies, different approaches to media and to sound. A profound investigation about the sonic and performative capacities of the e-guitars. Through preparations, scordaturas, extended techniques, objects, electronics and different setups, the e-guitar transfigures itself, shape-shifts and expands beyond its body.