AV TOUR 2004 [USA]


Montag 18.10.2004

AV TOUR 2004 [USA]

Das Aushängeschild im 2004 av. Tour ist zweifellos J. Frede, der eine eigene Radioshow für elektronische Musik leitet, ein Label in dem Sektor betreibt und zuletzt ein gemeinsames Album mit dem berühmten Electronica-Artist SCANNER eingespielt hat. Seine Spezialität sind verrauschte Klanglandschaften voller Intensität. David Brady inkorporiert in seine elektronischen Sounds allerlei akustische Instrumente und gefundene Klänge, die zu sich einbohrenden Loopschleifen arrangiert werden. Der Abend kann als kritischer Kommentar auf die audiovisuelle Informationsflut unserer Tage gelesen werden.

Als Teil der Segmente Reihe

J.Frede will be presenting his "repetitions series" for this tour. This work is based on rerepetitive motion and sound. Windmills, conveyor belts, search helicopters, and streams are some examples of the footage that has been shot for the series. Live, frede projects the un-edited video footage while processing the audio from the film in real time using various computer software. Source recordings from the location where the film was shot is worked into the composition. The end result is a live performance with of hypnotic visuals coupled with a subtle but dynamic soundtrack that is created live.
Los Angeles based sound artist j.frede has been working in the field of audio and sound design for close to 10 years. Since 1996 Frede has been active as a composer andinstallation artist.

David Brady is a Denver based artist that works in the fields of visual art and sound. The audio work of David Brady is minimal by nature. Using a very small amount of equipment, Brady produces thick, heavy beats and feedback texture scapes, equipment ranges from a Nintendo gameboy to various VST synths he has created. Recently Brady has started exploring coding and the inappropriate use of software as a tool for audio and visual manipulation.

Zum auftakt spielt Jason Kahn
Jason Kahn was born in New York, grew up in Los Angeles and moved to Berlin in 1990.
He has performed or recorded with, among others, Günter Müller, Voice Crack, Sainkho Namtchylak, Christian Marclay, Kevin Drumm, Steve Roden, Kim Cascone, .....
Originally a percussionist, Kahn later began integrating live electronics into his playing.
Kahn curently performs using only laptop, analogue synthesizer or combining these with percussion.
In the past several years Kahn has exhibited several sound installations.
He currently lives in Zürich, Switzerland.