Bruno Catalano 0089


Donnerstag 14.10.2021 – Samstag 16.10.2021

Be My Guest

Be My Guest

Donnerstag, 14.Oktober 2021 (SOLD OUT)

Freitag 15 Oktober 2021

Samstag, 16.Oktober 2021

jeweils 20:30 Uhr



A production by PiccoliProduction

Bruno Catalano, Regie und Choreographie
Aileen Mazenauer, Performance
Andrea Ruhstaller, Performance
Daniel Riniker, Produktionsassistent
Sigi Fuchs, Set

"A metal and glass box, suspended in the dark, houses two women.
The box becomes the container of their loneliness. A space where it is not easy to distinguish what is imagined from what is not: are the two of them real? Is one the product of the other's imagination?"

Eintritt: CHF 20.- / 15.-

This work was also made possible thanks to the Arbeitsstipendium Covid 19 that the city of Zürich assigned to Bruno Catalano.

Bild: Nelly Rodriguez