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Samstag 23.09.2017

Derzu Campos - Installation und Performance

23. September 2017, 18:00 Uhr

The Near and the Nigh (2015)
Derzu Campos* (MEX)

Live performance
Signs Preceding the End of the World
by Derzu Campos* (MEX)
in collaboration with
Violeta Burckhardt & Pablo Assandri

*The artist will be present

The Near and the Nigh works as a cycle of light and darkness in which urbanism, social conflicts and the end of the world serve to establish a connection between Mexico -its ancestral past and its recent history- and the urban and gentrifying transformations of London as a capital of economic power. This installation also deals with issues such as the glamorization of violence, the internationalization of underground culture, and the transformation of the post-cinematic viewing style, as well as a utopian vision of a post-capitalist world. Conducted by a soundtrack made in collaboration with (https://soundcloud.com/sietecatorce) Mexican producer Siete Catorce, the piece works like a landscape in which moments of intense audio-visual stimuli are followed by periods of darkness and silence.

The video installation delves into core conflicts of our capitalistic contemporary world, affecting and effecting on both our social and natural environments, which allow us to slow down and be aware and, for a moment, think and imagine beyond our senses the grounds on which we stand.