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Donnerstag 20.05.2021   20:00

Duo Eventuell - eventuell. connected21

Duo Eventuell:
Manuela Villiger, Saxophon
Vera Wahl, Saxophon
Mathieu Corajod - Neues Werk, UA
Lara Stanic - Neues Werk, UA

In spring 2019, the duo launched a new concert format under the title „eventuell. connected“, in which the duo collaborates annually with two international composers (2019: Loïc Destremau (DK)/ Julian Siffert (A); 2020: Loïc Destremau (DK)/ Yiran Zhao (CHN)). The idea of the project is to commission two composers for a work of about half an hour each. The duo is looking for as much stylistic diversity as possible and is interested in acoustic works as well as compositions with live electronics, performance, multimedia, conceptual pieces, etc. Due to the long duration of the pieces, the musicians strive for a concentrated and intensive collaboration with the composers, from which they hope to create authentic, individual and personal works. For the current project „eventuell. connected21“, the two composition commissions were awarded to the French-Swiss composer Mathieu Corajod and the Swiss-based Serbian composer Lara Stanic.