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Konzert Pure & Jasc

PURE (Peter Votava)
JASC (www.jasch.ch) / Codespace: audio-visual performance

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(Peter Votava)
-works and lives in Vienna/Austria.

Working mostly in the field of abstract listening
music and sound for performances since the second
half of the nineties with a background in djing
and producing various styles of electronic music
since 1991.

He is teaching MAX/MSP/JITTER, a programming
environment for audio/visual works, at the
University of Applied Arts in vienna since 2001.

selected releases:
2004 puredekam - reqoil displaced peaceoff - DVD - DOC5
2003 ilsa gold - regretten? rien! mego58
2003 current909 - the price for existence is eternal warfare - DOC9
2003 bodyhammer - solo and collaborative works from 1993-2001 - praxis 26cd
2002 noonbugs - MEGO30
2002 just in case you are bored. so are we. -
collaboration with martin siewert and dieb13 -
2002 home is where my harddisk is vol.1 - DOC3
2000 s[e]nd - a collaboration with the french artist ULTRA MILKMAIDS -
1999 the.end.of.vinyl - MEGO15


CODESPACE (audio-visual performance)
codespace integrates real-time drawing with moving images to evoke an
abstract visual place where organic and crystalline shapes pulsate and
flow. Generative (rule-based) processes or algorithms, along with
real-time actions are appplied to basic forms, which, in conjunction
with finely graded colours comprise a rich palette of textures and
shapes. fast-moving abstract shapes inhabit dark, empty space, as
architectural structures develop over an extended period of time. the
piece evolves from minimalist atmospheres to dense abstractions, like a
digital painting appearing before the viewer's eyes. the reduction and
concentration of elements helps to build tension and gives insight into
the enigmatic and invisible world built from code.

With a background in improvisational music and soundscape composition,
jasch applies similar processes to making images as he does to making
music. Texturing and layering, temporal evolving structures, and brief
flashes of light all play important roles in creating a sense of
abstract, visual movement in jasch's work, which oscillates and
vibrates in a almost musical manner. No element is completely
pre-produced, thus resulting in images that are suprising, sensuous,
and erratic.

latest release:
SHIMMER - CD - dOc 006 - 02/04