concept store anthropology of supermodernity

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Sonntag 24.01.2021   19:00

VERSCHOBEN: Concept Store Quartet - An Anthropology of Supermodernity

Concept Store Quartet:
Alicja Pilarczyk, Violin
Pablo González Balaguer, Saxophone
Nejc Grm, Accordion
Guillem Serrano, Percussion

Andreas Eduardo Frank -Yes Yes No No Yes No No No
Michael Beil - Caravan
Daniel Zea -Box Tsunami

Eintritt: CHF 25.- / 15.-

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Here you are, in the area between two poles: the anthropological place which you relate to and identify with, reality which you want to influence versus the non-relatable place, a non-place, virtuality, emptiness, consumerism. Can you escape from the box? Is the box the only comfort you know? Can you influence what and where the box is? Yes or No?

Concept Store Quartet invited Andreas Frank, Michael Beil and Daniel Zea to direct together a three act performance which has its source in the book by Marc Augé, ”An Anthropology of Supermodernity”. Playing with the concept of multiple dimensions they will paraphrase and comment on the idea of ”non-places” (non-lieux), spaces which exist but have no identity and are non-relatable emotionally.