Freitag, 22.Dez.17 - Donnerstag, 28.Dez.17
  Freitag 22 Dez.19:30 Uhr
Samstag 28 Dez. 19:30 Uhr

Eifo At/a / Eifo Ani

is a live performance with
interaction via skype

Live at Walcheturm :

Omri Ziegele (musician, composer)

interaction via skype by:

Dorothea Rust (visual and performance artist)

22 December also at HaTeva Theater in Jaffa-Tel Aviv
(Live Dorothea Rust with interaction via Skype by Omri Ziegele)

28 December also at As Part of Leo Model in Jerusalem
(Live Dorothea Rust with interaction via Skype by Omri Ziegele)

in collaboration with Petit Grégoire Videolabor Zürich
(Jens Woernle, Hili Leimgruber and André Bricker).
Technical support Israel - Dani Williamson

The project's basic material revolves around sounds, voices and movements from the past, from our childhood into the present.

We are looking for sparks in movement and sound which arise from hidden memory linking to art and folk dance movements, everyday and mainstream expressions in music and dance.

Eintritt: 25.- //
Verbilligt: 10.- ( Ahv , Studenten , Kulturlegi)
   detailed description 

  An equally strong impact onto the performance has our attention to the
extinct Yiddish language of a small Jewish community near Zurich in Switzerland. We are asking ourselves what the sound of (this) language is. What do we hear, how does it resonate today on a physical and verbal level and in a metaphorical sense? What do we do with it, what does it do to us? The isolation of this Jewish community in the past, and itís dialect which had developed over time, could raise issues relating to realities immigrants are facing today and other people who have been isolated from a central society, experiencing situations of alienation. The skype live aspect of this work is providing a channel of research how virtuality and its topics, being in a place and at the same time out of place (and also out of time), can effect and affect us and the audience.

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