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Samstag 10.12.2022   20:00

reConvert + Azzigotti : Plérôme

Roberto Maqueda, performer

Mikołaj Rytowski, performer

Luciano Azzigotti, sound


“…the primary subject of general organology, which is tertiary retention, and more precisely hypomnesic tertiary retention insofar as it is irreducibly pharmacological, confers a constitutive and therefore irreducible bearing of noetic locality on today's exosomatic situation”.

 Bernard Stiegler


Plérôme responds to the new balance of musical instruments in the digital world. Technical objects cross borders between the micro and macro scale beyond the human. Distorted by spatial-sensors, exo-performers moulded in the fake of deep learning and virtual environments, plérôme is a declaration of a epiphylogenetic music, where the instrument is the site of inheritance and transmission.

Plérôme investigates the music performance as a virtual construction where the simulation of a nano space becomes the environment where the concert is held.